construction / environmental control officer (eco)

The Environmental, Health and Safety issues facing the construction industry are diverse and immense. Government departments are regularly promulgating stricter legislation that encourages the adoption of sound Environmental, Health & Safety management practices within the construction industry.

Moorhouse Consulting has a wide range of services available to the construction industry to assist them meet legal requirements.

  • Developing Health & Safety Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Induction Systems
  • Health & Safety Compliance Auditing
  • Environmental Management Plan Compliance Auditing
  • Reviewing and Drafting EMP’s
  • 24 hour telephonic back-up service for emergencies and advise
  • Environmental Control Officer - Managing Environmental Management Plans on Construction Sites
  • Liaising with relevant Government Departments pertaining relevant Legislation
  • Implementing Environmental Authorisations on construction sites.
  • Managing conserved areas
  • Managing alien vegetation plans
  • Oversee Biodiversity Management, Search & Rescue and Relocation of Fauna & Flora


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